Double Tree by Hilton


DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Goa – Arpora – Baga is located next to the popular Baga beach, ideally situated in the scenic countryside of Arpora. Built over 4 acres, our small and charming Goa hotel offers the perfect base to explore the breathtaking coastline of North Goa. Enjoy a relaxing day at one of the North Goa famous beaches followed by great entertainment and shopping experiences at the Arpora Saturday night market, only two minutes’ walk from the hotel. The Anjuna hippie market is open every Wednesday and there are several popular night-life options nearby including Club Cabana and Tito’s, among others. Continue reading

Taj Exotica


Located on the south west coast of Goa, overlooking the Arabian sea, this Mediterranean-style 5 star resort is one of the best five star hotels in Goa and has a way of slowing down time to a tranquil tempo. Set amidst fifty-six acres of lush gardens, Taj Exotica is a showcase for relaxation with tropical-inspired design touches, grand architecture, a sun-drenched atrium, wide shady corridors, and flower lined patios for a memorable stay.

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Ramada Caravela Beach Resort


The Ramada Caravela Beach Resort is quite simply Goa’s finest beach resort. As one of the first five-star properties in Goa, the resort enjoys unparalleled proximity to the beach, grand ceilings that are an architectural treat and vantage points that offer breath-taking views of the sea, sand and the dense greenery around the property, giving you an almost secluded and virginal experience while keeping you in touch with all the modern facilities.
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Savoi Plantation

Managed and run by the Shetye family, this plantation is now over 200 years old and covers an area of 100 acres. It’s situated in the village of Savoi which is 25 kms. from the capital city Panjim , 40 kms from Calangute in North Goa and 30 kms from the city of Margao in South Goa. This plantation boasts of a purely organic and natural environment, in which you can enjoy nature at its very best. The pond situated within attracts different varieties and a number of birds & insects. Bird watching is simultaneously enjoyed as you explore the spicy world of Savoi Plantation.

This plantation which was founded by Mr. Shetye, has opened its gates to the world by Sachin & Sudesh, since 1985. Customers at the plantation are accorded with a traditional welcome of flowers and are offered traditional snacks and drinks. You can enjoy a guided walking tour by an expert along the shady path to explore the spicy world of Black Pepper, Cinnamon, Cardamom, Clove, Nutmeg, etc. in their natural environment. And also to enhance the tour are tropical fruits like mango, jackfruit, cashew, papaya, chickoo and medicinal herbs, shrubs and trees. Part of the tours also includes a demonstration of traditional beetle nut plucking where the person involved swings from tree to tree. Also included in this tour is observation of the traditional methods of making useful as well as decorative items out of the coconut, besides other materials. Within 30 to 45 minutes you will experience a brand new world of spicy and fruity environment.

Restaurant – The restaurant with ethnic flavour

The buffet displays traditional Goan ‘Saraswat’ cuisine served in mud pots and banana leaf plates along with seasonal fruits grown in the plantation in an organic environment.

Fruits and Spices found in here:

Jackfruit Pineapple Pammello Bimbli
Cloves Nutmeg Stone Star Spice Mixed Spices
Pepper Turmeric Ginger Cardamom


Here one can find fruits and spices of different varieties which gives you a unique chance of seeing it in its natural environment.

Housing and Accommodation

Besides being an excellent host for the local flora which is proudly displayed to all who enter, there is also a housing facility offered for those who prefer to stay within the plantation. There are two excellent traditional houses provided which make it a unique staying experience.

Celebrations & Occasions

Open Air parties as well as the happy occasions of weddings, fascinating display of dance, music and folklore, in which ancient scenes are enacted and brought back to life and many more activities gives you a chance to witness Goan rituals & culture.

School and College Excursions

The fascinating place of Savoi Plantation has not only drawn foreigners and outsiders but also the local schools and colleges, find this place and rich haven of educational and recreational value, thus keeping the locals in touch with their heritage.

Sahakari Spice Plantation


Situated in amidst lush green surroundings of  Curti – Ponda is the Sahakari Spice Farm. The taluka of Ponda in which it is located, is extremely popular amongst tourists for its rich cultural heritage and magnificently designed places of worship.

A place for relaxation under the dense forest cover, an aroma of a variety of genuine spices coming from the trees grown around the farm, lots of knowledge, guidance on the type of species and treatment for various diseases, sumptuous lunch in traditional Goan style, and other modes of entertainment, all this and more to add to a cherishable day at Sahakari Spice Farm.

Virtual Tour

At SAHAKARI SPICE FARM guest are welcomed with traditional Aarti, Kumkum and Garlands/ flowers. Welcome drink such as Tender Coconut /Kokum/lemongrass tea is given to each of them. Also a round of snacks is offered to each one which includes Cashew-nuts. The drink counter consists of Mineral water, Beer, Soft Drinks and Fresh Lime Soda. The local brew “Cashew Feni” is available free of charge.

During the tour, the guests are given a demonstration on how to climb the tall Bettle-nut palms and then the art of swinging from these palms is shown. Any guest willing to try out this feat is given an opportunity, which brings about a lot of fun and excitement.


The Restaurant offers a wide range of  buffet lunch, with a large variety of delicious Goan dishes comprising of Fish, Chicken and Vegetables, all cooked in typical village style. After food, a large variety of fresh seasonal fruits are served.

Lunch in the restaurant is served in earthen pots and is eaten in plates specially made of Banana leaves.



Traditional Folk Dances such as Fugdi, Jagor and Dhalo are performed by lady workers and children from the farm. These dances are performed in the premises of the farm itself and are filled with colour and excitement.
An additional attraction here is three Elephants, male, female and baby.
Separate arrangements are made for Washing and Riding which are enjoyed by the guest.


Spice Plants

Various types of Spices grown here are:

English Name Botanical Name
Vanilla / Orchid Spice
Cinnamon Cinnamomum Zeylanicum
Nutmeg Myristical Fragrans
Cardamom Elettaria Cardmonium
Pepper Piper Nigrum
Cloves Syzygrum Aromaticum
Chilly Capsicum Frutiscens
Curry leaves Murraya Koenid
Turmeric Curcuma Longa
Ginger Zingiber OffcinaleRoc


Tropical Spice Plantation


Tropical Spice Plantation is located in Keri (Ponda), a village untouched by pollution, 6 km off Ponda . It can also be reached from Panjim via Mardol. This Spice Plantation is spread over large tract of verdant land, which offers the perfect setting for you to soak in a pure unadulterated nature.

Tropical Spice Plantation we nature have strived to maintain traditions in harmony with nature. Guests here are welcomed in a traditional way by offering Aarti, Kumkum, and a garland of flowers.

Here you can experience the thrill of watching a Kingfisher dive for his catch. You will also enjoy watching the monkeys as they frolic on the trees. A tour that will refresh your senses and make you fell a part of nature.

25 species of birds are sighted within this Spice Plantation. You can expects to see Birds of Paradise, Cuckoos, Koel, Cousals, Owls, Maina, Hornbills, Pitters, Parakeets etc. and even some rare and endangered species. The experienced bird watcher and Novice will delight in watching these birds chip away happily in their natural habitat.


An exquisite Goan lunch is served in the open air restaurant, where no walls separate’s you from nature. Food is served in a traditional manner on a Banana leaf, to keep your spirits high. Goa’s world famous Kaju Feni or Urrack (A lighter version of Feni) is served here. You have a choice of Rice / Pulav Traditional Fish Curry / Vegetable Curry, Fried Fish / Fried Potatoes, Chicken Xacuti, Veg Kurma, Papad and Lime Pickle. Fresh fruits along with traditional Goan dessert is also served. The Tropical Spice Plantation lunch is a feast not only for your stomach but also for your senses.

Spice Plants

Spices like Black pepper Cardamom, Nutmeg, Vanilla, Cinnamon, Cloves, Chillies, Coriander, etc are seen here.  You will also be introduced to famous All Spices plant, which has aroma and taste of five spices. Around Spice Plantation you will see Goa’s traditional Plantation, Tropical trees like Cashew, Areca nut (Betel nut) palm trees and Tropical Fruit like Star fruit, Jack Fruit, Custard Apple, Bananas, Papayas, and Pineapple. You can also see at least four different Citrus Fruits, Tropical Spice Plantation also has a few Coffee Plants, a rare sight in Goa.


Pascoal Organic Spice Village


Pascoal Organic Spice Village is primarily surrounded by a forest and is situated on the banks of river Khandepar that originates from the famous Dudhsagar Water Falls.  This farm is totally organic. No pesticides are used and compost materials include sugarcane waste, cow dung, poultry and fish manure are used. Working owner, Milagres Fernandes, was recently rewarded with second prize in the prestigious ‘Best Farmer of The Year Award’ presented by an American company.

Spices like vanilla, pepper, cardamom, cinnamon, chillies, nutmeg, turmeric & ginger are found here.  There is a large plant nursery with several bonsais. Watch the cuckoos, owls, hornbills and parrots flock to the trees that are present on the farm. The main attraction over here is ‘Our Gentle Giant’ who takes you on a ride and also gives you an opportunity to feed him. Yes, he’s an Elephant. There’s an excellent Boating facility too where you can fish even with a string, putting the most advanced fishing rod to shame. You also can enjoy a relaxing ride along with the river on a bamboo raft. You would never forget this ride as you hold the rope and move towards its other end.

Here at the Pascol Organic Spice Village many big & small functions, including birthday & wedding parties, anniversaries, receptions and even a press conference is celebrated. As you look around, the spacious open-air lawn, adds a drastic special touch to the celebration. And you will see entry proceeding towards a beautiful nursery, full of unimaginable nature’s wonders. The entrance to this 20-acre property has a big white elegant gate, with a centered fountain that adds a glory as one enters in here.

Traditional Goan Folk Dances and Music is one of the greatest attractions. Dyekhali, Kunabi, Goff, Jagor, Fugadi, Ghalu, Kurudin, Mandav, Laser are some of them which are practiced since all these years.