The Tower of the Church of St. Augustine

The Tower of the Church of St. Augustine Built in 1602, the only ruin of the Church of St. Augustine on the Holy Hill at Old Goa near the Nunnery, is a lofty 46-metre high tower defying the torrential rains. The tower is one of the four of St. Augustine Church that once stood there. The Church when intact was perhaps the biggest in Goa.

The Viceroy’s Arch

The Viceroy’s Arch It is one of the gates of Adil Shah’s Fort at Old Goa. It was renovated by the Portuguese and was the gateway to Goa for Portuguese Governors. Every incoming Viceroy used to disembark at this place. The arch was rebuilt by the Governor Francisco de Gama (1597-1600) in the memory of his great-grandfather Vasco da Gama. It was again completely re-built in 1954.

The Gate of the Palace of Adil Shah

The Gate of the Palace of Adil Shah – The palace of Adil Shah at Old Goa was the most prominent building with magnificent lofty staircases. It was the residence of the Portuguese governors till 1695, and was afterwards used by them on festive occasions. It was deserted during the epidemic in the 18th century, was demolished in 1820 and the materials carried to Panaji for construction of houses. Now only the gate remains which is architecturally purely brahminical in style. Six steps in front of the gate lead to the raised platform on which the gate stands.

Anjuna Beach

Located about 18kms from Panaji and situated in Bardez taluka, the Anjuna Beach is the part of a 30 km extended beach coastline along the west coast of Goa by the Arabian sea.
The Village of Anjuna, a five square mile area is nestled between the Arabian Sea and the Hill overlooking the beach. The beach is famous for its stunning natural beauty with swaying palms trees and soft powered white sands. The beach is marked by an unusual rocky formation overlying a cove of white sand and black rock that juts out into the Sea. This area was known as the Jewel of Anjuna and called “Ozran”.

Candolim Beach

Candolim beach offers a variety of sports activites, right from parasailing to water-sking. There are special guides to help you through these daring water sports activites. Besides the main attraction at the Candolim beach in this Indian state of Goa is the special boating excursion especially during the evenings which offers you beautiful views of the sunset…you can really feel the sun touching its all-glory orange and then slowly sinking into the sea. This excursion is definitely worth a try.

Baga beach

Baga beach in Goa looks as if it has come alive out of a painting… majestic white waves rushing to wipe out the feet imprints left by you on the brown sand while the wind continues to flirt with the palm trees. Goa’s Baga beach is a small but perfect beach.
The Baga River flows down from one side offering a pleasant diversion for children and those who love the water but can’t risk the rip currents that swirl round the mouth. Where the river and the sea meet, and on the far right bank, tourists at Baga beach will see a group of black rocks against which the sea crashes.

Varca Beach

Along with the usual relaxing and rejuvenating activities like sun bathing you may indulge in Dolphin watching and boat trips. It is time to enjoy the nature at its best at the Varca beach. Swimming is considered safe at Varca beach. The white sands are clean and unpolluted, and this is the place to be if you seek quiet solitude.

Colva Beach

Colva beach provides you the excellent opportunity to try out the numerous water sports in its water. You can easily try out your hand on jet skiing or speed boat rides. Tourist can enjoy the bicycle ride in the surrounding area of the Colva beach. You can take the leisure walk on the golden sand of the beach. Colva beach is popular picnic spot among the tourists.

Shri Gopal Ganpati Temple

It is known that in October, 1683 the fort of Ponda was attacked by the Portuguese Viceroy who due to the sudden appearance of the Maratha King Sambhaji with a large army, had to beat a hasty retreat. This event is commemorated in Farmagudi. While grazing cattle near the hill the Gopal Ganapati stone image was discovered by herdsmen who later installed it in a small shrine with a thatched roof.

Shri Mahalasa Temple

Hardly one kilometre away from Mangueshi is the village Mardol where nestles the temple of Shri Mahalasa. Shri Mahalasa Narayani is the powerful Kuladevata of many Hindus, especially in western and southern India. Shri Mahalasa is another name for Lord Vishnu’s famous avataar as Mohini, the enchantress.