Kuskem Waterfall

The Kuskem waterfall is located in the Canacona taluka in South Goa. It is situated in idyllic Kuskem village at about 20 km from the Cotigao wildlife sanctuary off NH 17.

The waterfall at Kuskem is not very well known like the other waterfalls in Goa such as the Dudhsagar and Harvalem waterfalls. It is best visited only during the rainy season as it dries out during the summers. The water falls from a lofty source leaving a clear leap of milky water.

Kuskem is located at around 12km from Hathipal, the entry point of the Cotigao Wildlife sanctuary. It is an ideal place to unwind and for accommodation one can get the forest department’s eco cottages at the sanctuary. One can also visit an ancient temple nearby which is well worth exploring.

Harvalem Waterfall

Harvalem waterfall with an altitude of 70 feet is located at Arvalem; it falls in a straight drop and is in its highest glory during the monsoon season.
The fall looks stunning with the thunderous gush of water cascading down the rocky terrain of the mountain behind it.

Kesarval Waterfall

The spring is surrounded by tropical woodlands and swaying betel palms and emerges from the hard rocks.The spring is in its full glory in the monsoons and looks fabulous, brimming with sparkling water. The word “Kesarval” is derived from the Indian word for eagles that used to maintain a colony here among the afforested slopes. The spring has a reputation among the locals and the bathers who come from faraway places, of having medicinal properties in its waters.

Dudhsagar Waterfall

The name of this waterfall evolves from the Konkani name for the falls, Dudhsagar meaning ‘sea of milk’. This is because froth is formed due to the speedy surge of water from the majestic heights. The fall looks stunning post monsoon as it ripples with bubbling foam-like water. The Dudhsagar Falls is one of the most interesting falls of India and the largest and highest fall of Goa. Nearby is the Tamdi Surla Temple built by the Kadambas.